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Design Website In 1hr Part 2

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Hello friends. We are continuing the write-up on designing your website in one hour. Before you continue reading this, i hope you have read the first part, if you have not i advice you to go to the blog page to read it or click here to read it. We stopped at the process of creating Categories, articles and menus.
Creating Categories: You go to the top menu in the administrator area, you click on content and from the drop-down menu you click on category. Category is a powerful tool in using Joomla. If you want to design a blog or want to sell online you must know how to construct your category but that lecture is for another day. When you click on category give it a name and click save and new until you have created your last category then you click on save and close. So, with this you have created your categories.
Articles: Creating article is just the same way we create our categories. We go back to the content button at the top and from there we click on article from the drop-down menu. We give the content a name and paste our prepared article then save and new until we create all our content and save. If we do this very well we would have created the categories and Article. We now go to create our menus.
Menus: In creating the Menus, at the top menu you will see a button named Menus just click on it and from the drop down you click on main menu and from there you start creating your menus and also add your articles to each menu created. It is easy to use but not as easy as it seems. After creating the menu, you have to put the menu on a position on your site. So, on the URL of your site you type e.g. and your module positions on your site will appear. If the positions does not appear, you have to put it on at the option button in the template area from your module button. If you do this well your site is ready to go. This is just it but there are still more plugins to beautify your site. Call for our training program.
I will advise that you download a server and install Joomla on it to practice this offline before going online. If you need more training you can contact us and we will discuss on how to help you. We have comprehensive video trainings that can help you on this. We want you to know that while writing this blog post the Joomla version then is Joomla 3.6.5 the version you will see online may have been updated as you are reading this article but not to worry if you have a problem with that we can help. Remember to comment on this post if you find it helpful, thanks.